One Out Of One

A match is struck up in space and time…

…it exists literally.

How would it operate if you were composer of the cosmos?

This is my ontology.

1. The cosmos is an all-encompassing description of the metaphysical contents of the world, and is constituted by the formal realisation of a spatial-temporal event, generated through the vibration of an object and continuing as a psycho-somatic entity.

2. Existence is necessary for reality at the level of material objects, and sufficient for information at the complexity of basic spatial-temporal coordinates. In order for something to exist it must have a form, and implicitly it has to change, so as to take shape over time, thereby constituting an event.

3. Causation refers to change in the subjective source of creation. Creation refers to change in the objective purpose of causation.

4. The multiverse is a hypothetical class of versions of the cosmological object. Our universe is one manifestly extant version, and is constituted by events, which are made of physical objects, which are in turn made out of quanta. Physical objects are external entities at the macrocosmic scientific level, describable as particles and are spatially coordinated. Quantum processes are internal factors at the microcosmic scientific level, describable as waves and are temporally coordinated. To account for spatial position science appeals to particle theory and the existence of vision, light and matter. To account for temporal variation science appeals to wave theory and the existence of sensation, sound and motion.

5. Reality is manifested and evolves on a trajectory whose path is governed by external (spatial) and internal (temporal) determinants. Shape in space dictates the form of physical data; it accounts for objective knowledge of physical identity. Variation over time explains the form of experiential data; it accounts for subjective experience of causal relations.

6. Dimensions are concepts structured out of physical and experiential data, which represent realms of possibility for being in empirical form and causal agency. Spatial dimensions are theoretically infinite, actually so over time, and applicable to objective reality. Time is singular, theoretically eternal and applicable to subjective truth. Space is a stable aspect of change in the cosmos, over which positions can be located, and therefore shape and objectivity come into play; an event has to extend bodily over space. Time is a fluctuating aspect of change in the cosmos, over which behaviour can be tracked, and therefore causality comes into play; an event has to extend causally over time.

7. The complex trajectory of objects as they change is achieved through multidimensional travel; the activity of revolving through space-time according to combined internal (temporal) and external (spatial) influences.

8. An investigation into the structure of external objects in space is revealing as to the nature of physical phenomena. An investigation of subjective truth of causal relations in time is enlightening as to the nature of psychological phenomena. 

9. Existence presumes spatial mass which vibrates with temporal frequency and takes form as an event. The reality of the object is subject to change, which involves motion (a temporal aspect of vibration), as well as shape (a spatial aspect of vibration). The source of a vibration is matter (light) and reflection (sound), which resonate through space over time. Existence is the primary essential ingredient of reality, which changes and takes form in physical shape and causal nature. The constitution of an enduring reality is sonic reflections of a vibrating solar object.

O’ Course, if you really were maestro of the multiverse, you’d set a few spherical celestial objects in motion and cue up for a game of billiards, wouldn’t you? Colour shooting, stars flying into black holes, a backdrop of quantum machinery processing discrete voxels of information into a re-playable, manipulable virtual experience as a physical record of the match.

And I’m out.





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