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2 plus 2 equals 5 is the case. Whichever way you slice it, whatever the method of deduction, 5 is the answer. Honestly - I’ve worked it out with a calculator. I asked everyone I knew and they agreed. I trust them. On paper it’s the same. Even an abacus would demonstrate as such. Put two marbles together with another two marbles and there would be five marbles in all. I believe it implicitly.

Such an account is logically consistent with a workable definition of truth, because one can prove the falsity of it.

2 plus 2 equals 4 really. It hasn’t been proven conclusively to the most rigorous philosophical standards (our memory or language may fail us), but it is correct (for argument’s sake). It doesn’t matter whether I believe it or not.

Such an account is logically consistent with a workable definition of reality, because one cannot prove the falsity of it.

It’s a question of subjectivity and objectivity. Truth is answerable to reality, which means reality has the final say. The twist is, reality is incomprehensible. We have access to it, we can even describe it, however we cannot capture it in our understanding. Reality is sensed. Truth is understood.

243 divided by 81 may or may not equal 3. The truth is derived, it comes into play because it is the answer to a question. Contrarily, reality is always present and poses no such dilemma. Truth is not solid like reality; reality belongs to the universe, while truth is more or less representative. Metaphorically speaking, reality is the bowl of fruit and truth is the artist’s depiction. What we call ‘knowledge’ aspires to certainty (never attaining it) – which means those who pretend to have a privileged view of the world are at best able to be honest. In fact if you harbour an unrealistic interpretation of the world, reality is logically responsible, because you can’t get an is from an ought, whereas truth is morally responsible, because you can’t get an ought from an is.

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