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Elevated and uplifting as it is, Terence Mckenna’s voice belongs at the forefront of rationally-proceeding open-mindedness - articulating features of what are imaginably fantastic states of awareness - available here, on this planet - wherever and whoever you are - simply by ingestion of half an hour of Mckenna on your chosen media player. You can be that person…enduring reality on a more enlightened cognitive platform, exalted by the scene you behold, where you can gaze wistfully upon all those which preceded it…held in a wondrous and mysterious future as a leaf is held by a breeze in the sun…well, okay, he does it better than me.

In spite of envelope-stretching incredibility of his beliefs, Terence Mckenna speaks off the cuff about the nature of reality with astonishing fluency - referencing and citing authors as he explores the mysteries of the universe, drawing his inspiration from a rich personal experience of practical and theoretical research. He invites you to look into the amphitheatre of your imagination and find yourself at the centre of a show, purpose-built…with the freedom to create history, and decide what character you will be in your own play. He gives us hope there is a transcendentally sublime destiny afforded to humanity.

I can’t faithfully represent the musings of Terence without broaching the subject of ‘psychedelic substances’. By this he means consciousness altering chemicals which naturally occur in plants. He believes they may be a legitimate pathway to making sense of the world. He doesn’t believe everything is a delusion, rather that psychedelics allow people to access things in and about reality which are ordinarily disguised.

Terence’s advocacy on this front is somewhat prolific; he brings it up in most of his talks. To me, his confidence in the importance of ‘the psychedelic experience’ to everyone is radical, over-the top, but this might be attributable to the forces of censuring he felt he was up against.

He argues these substances ‘dissolve boundaries’, which explains why law and order practitioners would want to stifle their distribution - powerful institutions enjoy regulations often to a fault. We should have a choice, as responsible adults, whether to explore different states of consciousness, as we do via the use of other substances such as alcohol and caffeine - guided by information on research into their harmful effects, and each others’ advice, even if as individuals our conclusion is we are better off without the effects they produce.

Far from being in favour of chemical highs in general, just plants and mushrooms, in the late 20th century Terence was saying he believed the most insidious and detrimental drug on the market was television, and the internet generates a massive rejoinder to the restricted choice of:

‘Hm. What shall I watch on television?’ with,

‘Hmmm. What shall I put on the internet for other people to watch?’

And he has a point about TV - what other drug keeps people relatively motionless and unproductive, staring at one place in the room for two hours at a time?

“Create your own roadshow.”

Terence Mckenna’s arguments develop with outrageous complexity, plus validity (I’ll say ‘valid’ not ‘sound’, because I intend well-argued, not necessarily correct) and a punctual sense of humour, into a network of beliefs which describe the way the environment has changed the phenomenon of human existence, which he then reveals to actually be a lower-dimensional backdrop to a even greater, more glorious, infrastructure of dreams and realities coalescing in the eye of the future imagination of a consciously and technologically advanced species on the cusp of a transformative spiritual age…okay, but Terence really knows what he’s talking about.

If humankind realised the position of its personal relationship with nature, the planet beneath our feet and all that lives upon, above and within it, we would see the obscenity and preposterousness of violence and destruction…a scenario analogical to a man hitting himself over the head with an iron hammer - the response loop from his brain to his arm is fairly instantaneous; he stops immediately.

Dissolution of boundaries challenges authority, Terence contends; therefore, if we want to be free of control by powerful organisations, we need to change the system of programming which supports cultural norms, the self-serving dictums of government and establishment…and his rap, which is brim full of ideas for how a newer system, grounded in the wisdom of age-old perspectives, rather than historic political ideologies, would behave socially, is heavily weighted towards promotion of peace and tolerance.

No-one has complete control; we’re individuals blundering our way through life; and the ‘top’ politicians are as naive as all the rest. Even Mckenna has done hilariously silly things, and he is quite candid about them. He is also good natured about how crazy it all sounds if you try to put it in a nutshell. You want to be open-minded, but you don’t want to be so open-minded the wind whistles between your ears, right? It’s refreshing to hear intelligent and amiable language from a guy on the fringes of political and scientific correctness.

There are lots of short video clips on the internet, although Terence speaks at great length, and these lectures and workshops are available if you want a marathon on the race to the next plane of existence.

Terence Mckenna raises the banner highest, speaks the clearest, and knows well the terrain of the metaphysical in theory and practice. In his recordings and writings he brings life to life, pulls out the mechanism behind the wonder, and shows how endless and sophisticated are the possibilities the universe is yet to involve you in…sorry, I’m not even close am I?




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