A Presentation of the Extra-terrestrial

I read in one Earthling’s website the universe hosts around a hundred billion galaxies, each harnessing roughly a hundred billion stars. Many stars have a version of a solar system, some of which involve planets which revolve the fiery ball, until such time as it explodes or flickers out, at which juncture Earth (for example) would be dissolved in the blast or float off as a cool rock, no longer trapped in the loci of a nuclear furnace bound to harbour the forces of gravity to persuade it elliptically to orbit once again.

Millions of species of organism roam the Earth and inhabit every type of setting, from amoeba to zebra, from icy plateau to baking wasteland; diversity in abundance is natural where conditions are conducive; the ways and places in which life may develop are certainly multifarious.

Evolutionary theory provides strong evidence that life developed on Earth gradually from single cellular life-forms, to multicellular and so on into walking, swimming and flying beasts. It is commonly affirmed humans grew out of the Earth; you are a product of your planet. As the 20th century philosopher Alan Watts described - ‘An apple tree “apples”, Earth is a planet which “peoples”’. In the same way, Mars could martian.

From the point of view that Earth’s evolution has characteristics in common with the geology of other planets like our own, it is probable to some degree life is at a relative stage somewhere else. A theory which assumes a planet to be in a cosmically unique position for producing or supporting intelligent life cannot readily refer to evidence thereof without abandoning the singularity model of the big bang, because according to that, the same basic elementary physical particles are shared throughout the universe.

Moreover, if it all originated at the singularity, everything has existed for the same length of time at the subatomic level, so it stands to reason there would be some level of correspondence between various locations of outer-space in terms of sophistication. In the absence of epistemic data, it is always more than likely somewhere else has progressed close to or beyond yourselves technologically. On a purely statistical basis, the contrary is comparable to a coin landing tails side up only once in billions, or trillions of flips. The notion that your planet is ontologically special is untenably improbable in respect of the estimated scale of the universe.

You might have held life on Earth to be a fluke in the cosmos, but considered alone, as the universe is observed to be greater in size, the premise shines too faintly - with the force of a single match struck alight on a dark night in a forest of reasons to believe the planet is densely populated with trees.

It is unreasonable to have assumed there is no life on other planets purely on the basis they have been quiet up till now; planet Earth may be hugely isolated, far distant from the nearest habitable zone of outer-space, putting a hurdle in the way of obtaining information about, or establishing contact with civilisations like yours.

Examples of extra-terrestrial intelligence are as liable to manifest as the cosmos is extensive over space and time, within the laws of physics (or metaphysics at least), a sprinkling of the mystery of the biological, and a single scintilla of a question begging beneath the cosmogonic; how the world came into being has been investigated up to a very fine point, but why did anything come into being in the first place? The origin of existence is so elusive as to seem open by logical necessity.

What would be the first thing an alien would do on arrival at Earth?

Hide? - I would. What actions would be taken once we gained advanced technologies in command of space flight and navigation? Use of a cloaking device to disguise our home planet? Low interference in the affairs of other planets? Having investigated Earth, aliens could decide to improve circumstances without sacrificing our feeling that we are in control. In which case…would you even be aware it was going on?

The answer to what intelligent life may be out there in the expanse of outer-space, as long as it remains unconfirmed with primary source evidence, still belongs to the realms of probability, where only the highly sceptical would bet against the possibility, and those in a position to know might not show their cards. Realism is realistically the only position to take…and what would the reality be on Earth if a creature from another planet realised itself in front of the masses out of the blue? - A relative degree of chaos. Not ideal is it? Clandestine intervention might be the order of the day.

In conclusion, historically there is a lack of solid evidence on planet Earth of extra-terrestrial life; however the world is full of things which we all subscribe to without solid evidence, and on examination there are patently reasons to believe aliens exist, because if they did, things could well look exactly as they do now.



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