Argument from Meaning

If the universe has an intended meaning then God exists.
Understanding something implies that it has an intended meaning, otherwise there is no criteria according to which something is able to be successfully understood.
Everything is able to be perceived.
Anything which is able to be perceived is able to be understood.
If everything has an intended meaning then the universe has an intended meaning.

Therefore: God exists.

1. IF Ui THEN (Ex) xG

2. (x) IF (NOT (IF xu THEN xi)) THEN NOT xu

3. (x) xp

4. (x) IF xp THEN xu

5. (x) IF xi THEN Ui


Where: ‘U’ stands for ‘the universe’; ‘G’ stands for ‘God’; ‘i’ stands for ‘has an intended meaning’; ‘u’ stands for ‘is able to be understood’; and ‘p’ stands for ‘is able to be perceived’. (x) is a universal quantifier and (Ex) is an existential quantifier.



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